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Give Full Measure

Ida Graves Aquavit (ComING Soon)

Aquavit is a celebratory drink, shared on holidays and special occasions. We attempt to honor this tradition with our taffel style aquavit--distilled from a blend of traditional spices including caraway, fennel, and dill. Expect a mix of spicy and sweet, with notes of fresh dill, licorice, and cumin.

— 90 Proof.

— Available starting in October.

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Ida Graves Gin

Distilled with a select blend of just five botanicals, this dynamic gin pushes the category and demonstrates the complexity on the other side of simplicity. Crisp and refreshing, the Minnesota prairie reveals itself in floral, grass, and citrus flavors against a backdrop of juniper.

— Botanicals: Juniper, Coriander, Fennel, Rosemary, Lemon Peel.

— 90 proof.


Ida Graves Vodka (Seasonal)

Distilled from raw Minnesota honey, this smooth and delicate spirit offers a nose of warm citrus and honey. The palate is light and creamy with hints of honey, vanilla, and peppercorn. While this vodka mixes well, it takes its best form neat or on the rocks.

— Distilled from 100% honey.

— 80 Proof.

— Available only in spring/summer.

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