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Give Full Measure

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We founded Ida Graves on the belief that businesses should live by a higher set of values and should show up authentically in their communities. Whether it’s sourcing our ingredients, making our spirits, or working in the community, we give our full measure of care and attention into everything we do. As a certified organic distillery, we strive to ensure that every step in our process is responsibly managed, environmentally neutral, and benefits local producers. 

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Our Core Values

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Organic Ingredients

We are guided by flavor. We believe that responsible farming produces better, more flavorful ingredients, giving us more robust and aromatic spirits. By using organically and sustainably grown ingredients we not only make a better product, but also prevent the release of synthetic fertilizers and chemicals into the environment, which eventually leech into our lakes and rivers.

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Regionally Sourced

Ida Graves specializes in making traditional spirits that reflect Minnesota’s robust and diverse agriculture. We are committed to developing a network of organic farms throughout Minnesota to provide the grains and honey for our spirits. This will expand market opportunities for organic farmers and proudly advertise the state's rich agricultural heritage.

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Small, Single Batches

Ida Graves is a small, intimate distillery. We make everything in single batches from our lean 150 gallon still. Working small gives us exceptional control of the distilling process, and allows us to grow thoughtfully as we build relationships with each of our customers and suppliers.

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As a grain-to-glass distillery, we perform every task on site by hand. Nothing escapes our scrutiny. We carefully consider each ingredient going into our spirits, and use only those that are needed to make a balanced and flavorful product.

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Enjoyed in Good Company

Whether you enjoy our spirits neat or in a cocktail, we guarantee your enjoyment will be enhanced in the company of old friends, family, or new companions. A good spirit has the power to unite us through laughter, shared stories, and new connections. Simply put, a good spirit is one that is enjoyed in good company. 

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About Us


Ida Graves was founded by Brock Berglund and Anna Wilson over pizza in 2016 and has grown since through careful cultivation, serendipity, and hard work. Brock is a native of Alexandria, MN and Anna grew up spending her summers camping with her family nearby. Their shared appreciation for food, the land, and the people who grow it informs their craft of producing great spirits. They are joined by their daughter, Isa, who shares their curiosity, wonder, and delight in the world.



Ida Graves is nestled on seventy-seven green acres near the shores of Lake Ida in Alexandria, MN. The land is rich with native Minnesota grasses, pollinator plants, and wetlands, reminding us of the beauty of our natural landscape. It borders Lake Ida Cemetery, reminding us that while our time is limited, our impact ripples through generations.